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Transmasculine Pride Webring

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This fact makes me happy

Some trans facts:

  • Being trans is great
  • Trans bodies are beautiful
  • Trans love is powerful love
  • Being trans is beautiful!

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Here's some cool trans stuff!

Start with the Starter Guide on the Digital Transgender Archive

Browse the map of Queering the Map (can take a long time to load)

Not strictly trans/queer focused, but Positive.News is a great source of good news!

Read queer news on Pink News.

Having a bad day? Try this self-care trouble-shooter.

View the Pride Zine 2023 hosted by 3-Bit Cafe!

Learn the language of flowers
and become an old romantic.

Peruse this list of "the 20 least popular christian names" from The Tartan Skirt January 1993

Oh no! We've been caught up in a TIME TORNADO and swept back to 1838! To blend in with the locals you must PICK A NEW NAME! What do you choose? (I'll be going by Bugless from now on) free polls
Click the Tartan to see my
collection of clippings from
The Tartan Skirt!

Some of my favourite messages (so far) on Queering the Map

Click the globe to see more of my QTM clippings!

Postcards from 1900-1930 Europe and US

Click the postcard pile to see more --->

Browse this map of historical queer places and stories in Scotland

Click the icons to learn more about the place

maybe u r trans?

The Gender Construction Kit is a great place to find resources to help you feel more comfortable in your beautiful trans body!

Some of the legal stuff is UK specific, but many of the resources are valuable to anyone, anywhere!
If you're at the start of your trans journey, you may find it helpful to check out their Getting Started page

TransHub is another great site for trans resources! Some of the content is Australia specfic but again many of the resources are internationally valuable!

Transgender Map has some USA specific resources but again has much to offer for anyone and everyone!

Just a personal note...

While the above sites are all useful, please remember to listen to what you want, ESPECIALLY around social issues/socially transitioning. Just because someone thinks a certain name is too "obviously transgender" does not necessarily mean that they are correct in every context forever (and also honestly who gives a shit). All of these sites have valuable ADVICE but remember it is your trans life and you're the one living it!

Call out for resources!!!

I am starting a collection of QUEER DIGITAL ZINES!

If you have/ know of a queer digital zine I can add to my library please let me know in a comment or email me at !!!

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