Captain's Log

I Love Being Trans


Stardate 07072023

GREETINGS FELLOW SPACEFARERS. I'm back to living online more than I have been. What this means is SITE UPDATES.

Also I've been thinking like, I really want this site to focus on trans stuff obviously, but I'm also thinking about adding some more, different bits and bobs. This is my house after all. I already have my secret dragon cave but I was thinking of expanding out into more dragon stuff because I'm trans AND I love dragons. So perhaps that is in the future hmmmm...


  • Added a new clipping collection page from the archive; 1900's-1930's postcards
  • Changed DESIGN page to LINKS OUT page, and added a WHOLE LOAD of fun links you shoud go and see


  • Write a little dragon story
  • Make a shrine to all the dragon media I loved when I was young??


Stardate 20062023

HELLO YOUR CAPTAIN IS HERE. I've been living more offline these past few days and I shall continue to live offline as the wifi where I am right now is Not Good (tm). But don't you worry I have plans, great plans! Did you know you can make games in HTML? So I will now have to build my own version of Snake. So look forward to that... sometime.


  • Added a page for Queering the Map clippings here
  • Joined the transmasc webring! The widgit is on my Home page


  • Learn how to build snake


Stardate 16062023

CAPTAIN BUGLESS here... I've added in some buttons to other neocities+ sites that I love (will be adding links to more!!!) AND made a button for my own site, if people want to link back to me. Yeehaw.


  • Added buttons to sites!


Stardate 14062023

Hello log this is CAPTAIN BUGLESS speaking... Probably you knew that... Well. Anyway.
I already have THE INCREDIBLE GENDER BLOG for good trans vibes, but this LOG is to function as a record of my updates and to dos and the like.
Major update is I've been (trying to) make this site (vaguely) mobile-friendly. It's a lot better than it was but there is A LOT left to be done. It shall pass for now. I've also been trying to use CodePen to work out my code problems so I'm not CONSTANTLY updating this site. It's a habit I'll need to get better at.


  • Made this Log (hi)
  • Found some cool star trek resources at STWWW
  • Improved mobile optimisation
  • Started working with CodePen


  • Improve mobile optimisation further
  • Run this site through an accessibility checker and update it
  • Add a page for Queering The Map
  • Add more polls! For fun!

???? Time

Stardate ????????

why are all the officers shirtless and bloodied again... typical...

Little Update

Stardate 03062023

  • Finished 'About Me' page [for now]
  • Added comment box to my blog

tartan Party

Stardate 31052023

Finally happy with the Tartan Skirt page! Put in columns


Stardate 01062023

  • Added THE INCREDIBLE GENDER BLOG to my About Me page
  • Added a new secret page hehe