I Love Being Trans

Sitebuilding Resources

WebsetsByLynn: Layouts and great sitebuilding resources!

Bonnibel's Graphic Collection: SO MANY fun graphics, and very well organised!

Whimsical!: pixel art and graphics.

Moo Like a Goat!: Pixel Graphics and Honeycomb Stamps

ImageColorPicker: Colour pick from images/websites

3DJungle: Backgrounds and 3D models

Wheel: Generate a colour palette from a colour wheel.

General Resources

What Should I Read Next?: Put in a book that you like, a recieve reccomendations of other books!

Good On You: This site rates brands on their sustainability - rating their impact on people, planet and animals - and provides a breakdown to explain the rating.

The Read Time: Put text in. It will tell you how long (on average) it will take to read it. (I used this to pace myself through assigned readings haha)

Feature Credit


A random assortment of sites that I find fun and interesting. I discovered many of these thanks to CloudHiker.

  • Pudding.Cool: Interactive journalism with (as far as I've noticed) a focus on personal interest stories.
    A couple of my favourites:
    • The Search for my Kimchi; an interactive story about recreating grandma's Kimchi recipe
    • CDMX; an interactive soundscape tour of Mexico City's street vendors
  • Bongo.Cat: Bongo Cat. Play music.
  • Magatsu Generator Central: Art and writing prompts
  • AmazeWorld:Interactive web mazes. Play these to go on silly little quests
  • WikiShirt: Buy a shirt with any wikipedia article on it (because why not)
  • Its As If You Were Doing Work: Office working simulator game. Fun, ironic, and weirdly addicting. Gotta make that number go up...
  • Vulgarlang:Conlang Generator
  • Draw a Perfect Circle: Silly game to try and draw a perfect circle
  • Absurd: Collection of art, advertising campaigns and websites for absurd products that don't exist. Very fun to click around on.