I Love Being Trans


Here are the 3 most queer activities I can think of:

Going Bouldering
Playing Dungeons and Dragons (other ttrpg's are available)
Making Zines

Probably we cannot go bouldering together. Possibly we can play DnD online. But definitely we can make and share zines together!

What are Zines?

Zines are (usually) small, handmade magazines designed for small level publishing or personal use.

You can probably make a zine right now! All you need is:

  • An A4 piece of paper
  • Something sticky (glue or tape)
  • Something sharp (scissors or a craft knife)
  • and something to decorate it with (a biro, felt-tip pens, stickers, magazine clippings, etc)

You might also need access to a scanner and printer if you want to share your zine with others!

Have you made a Zine before?
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I would love to see any zines you've made, and perhaps feature them here if they're at all trans-related! Please let me know in a comment or email me at!!!

What should my Zine be about?


Zines are often made to discuss radical or personal ideas that wouldn't be published otherwise. But it's your zine, put whatever you like in it!

Some zines I've made:

  • A zine about whales in space, because I had a lot of stickers of both whales and space
  • A silly zine with dinosaurs cussing out the oil industry, because I care about a greener future and also dinosaurs are cool
  • A zine about making a Neocities website, because duh!

Some prompts from other people/friends/workshops:

  • Document plants from your garden
  • Make a how-to guide for one of your hobbies
  • Collect silly animal pictures
  • Make a diary of your week

Online Zines

Here are some queer/trans zines I like:

Pride 2023: The Pride Zine 2023 hosted by 3-Bit Cafe

Pansycore Zine: Pansycore Zine

The Queer Zine Archive Project:QZAP, a queer zine archive

My Zines

See my zines HERE


Cline Library: Zine Making Guide. A clear and fairly academic guide to making zines. Their page includes:

  • A lecture (of sorts) on the history of zines, including a brief guide on how to make one (see times 17:00 and 21:00 specifically for zine-making tips)
  • A list of Online Zine Collections